Supporting the growth of a pipeline of senior talent for the rail industry

The number of females in senior positions in the UK rail industry is shockingly low, currently just 1% in C-suite roles. As a result, our sector is missing out on a wealth of senior talent and the business benefits to be gained when companies improve inclusion and gender balance across their entire workforce.

To address this Women in Rail launched SWiFT and comprises as its core membership base,

Senior Women in (or Formerly in) UK rail or Transport and their male allies.


The purpose of SWIFT is to provide space and support for its executive members through a peer-to-peer network and to foster the development of high potential women in our industry and help them progress their career and transition to more senior roles.


SWiFT’s objective is ultimately to help shift the dial in respect to the number of women in executive roles in the UK rail sector and, in line with the Women in Rail core values, to further promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our industry, with a particular focus on executive grades and roles.


SWiFT provides space and support for its executive members, women senior leaders and their male allies, through a peer to peer network.

SWiFT is trying to address the lack of women and diversity in executive roles by:


Supporting the retention of executive women in UK rail. The network provides a support structure for female executives through a peer-to-peer network. Chatham House rule applies at networking events, workshops and dinners, thus encouraging executive women and their male allies to openly share their experience and receive support from peers who themselves understand the challenges faced at executive level – and who are also committed to help improve EDI in senior leadership positions in UK rail for the next generation.

Fostering the next generation of female leaders in UK rail. The  network is given specific “board ready” type development training and access to Teal networking events, thus enabling them to better understand the challenges of operating at executive level but also start building their own executive support network. It also gives them a chance to meet female executive role models who represent the next step in their own careers.

Welcoming male allies to the Blue and Teal network, SWiFT sends a clear message of collaboration between genders and of a commitment from both senior male and female executives in UK rail to improve diversity in senior leadership roles and also create an expectation of strong support and inclusion for women within the rail workforce.

If you would like to become a SWiFT sponsor please Email us at: