SWiFT is an integral part of Women in Rail and was created by, and comprises as its core membership base,

Senior Women in (or Formerly in) UK rail or Transport and their male allies.


The purpose of SWIFT is to provide space and support for its executive members through a peer-to-peer network and to foster the development of high potential women in our industry and help them progress their career and transition to more senior roles.

SWiFT’s objective is ultimately to help shift the dial in respect to the number of women in executive roles in the UK rail sector and, in line with the Women in Rail core values, to further promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our industry, with a particular focus on executive grades and roles.

SWiFT launched a survey of senior leaders in UK rail to gather their views on (among others) what they perceive are the barriers to improving gender balance at senior level in the railway and, more generally, how to support the progression of women to leadership roles in our sector. The information gathered from the survey will be shared in a SWiFT Report and help drive upcoming SWiFT and Women in Rail events and initiatives.

The full survey report can be viewed here.

At Women in Rail and SWiFT, the words “woman”, “women” and “female”, when used by the team, span the nine protected characteristics, including age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability and sexual orientation, as well as broader behavioural and background diversity, such as thinking and personality types, socio-economic background and life experience and include women who are transitioning and non-binary people.


The @WomeninRail SWiFT initiative is delivered in partnership with Connected Leaders, a programme that brings leaders together with purpose and work collaboratively to resolve collective challenges.